Project Description

As part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Smart City Challenge
Project in the City of Incheon, we conducted a Smart Mobility Living Lab(2019~2022). This project aimed to address transportation issues in Incheon by experimenting connected Multimodal services, including demand-responsive buses and micro-mobility



Citizen Participation



In order to improve mobility and accessibility in transportation vulnerable areas, MoD (Mobility on Demand) Services are provided to Yeongjong, Song-do International City and Geumdan and Geyang.

Example of Integrated

Transportation Linkage


A real-time on-demand bus

This Living Lab served as a bridge between citizens and policy. We worked with citizens to analyze & visualize demand patterns in high-traffic areas and times, identifying key spots. This information contributed to the establishment of demand-responsive bus routes. We also collaborated with public, private and citizens in designing policies such as integrated service subscriptions and bus usage policies.

Living-Lab Activities and Outputs

Big-Data analysis

Big-Data Visualization

Subscription plan design

Analysis of public transportation

demand data by time slots

Data visualization through

data analysis with citizens

Subscription plans designed by

public, private and citizens

Designing DRT Service Policies

based on citizen experiences

Citizen IoT sensored

arduino prototyping

Open a path to the world

Smart mobility, meet the future!

Driving Tomorrow, Future Mobility for a Connected World