Project Description

Sambang Water  Living Lab is a citizen-engaged Living-Lab in the Kimhae Sambang area aimed at efficient urban water resource management, as part of the Ministry of Environment's Intelligent Urban Water Resource Management Project. Particularly, we established a Living-Lab platform to lead the development of smart water management processes in the city, reducing flood damage and  improving water quality.

The PaaS facilitated the Living Lab activities by offering them simultaneously in both digital (online) and physical (offline) environments, allowing Living Lab activities without constraints of time and location. The platform has a feature to independently analyze citizens' opinion data and display topic modeling results, enabling the identification of citizens' interests.



Citizen Participation



Living Lab On-line Platform

•Urban river system to protect citizens' property and lives

•Efficient data analysis & disaster prevention by linking real-time river sensor data

•Citizen-centric data collection activating citizen participation

Platform Functions

Community Mapping

Citizens taking Photos directly and post articles at the co-
responding locations of the

Activity space for Citizens

Unconstrained space for  on-line discussions, sharing activity contents within each other in real time

Auto Topic Modeling

Automatically provides topic
modeling results on the living
lab activities of citizens in on-
line living lab spaces.

Metaverse Living-Lab Activities

Citizens share their opinions freely with each other in the metaverse