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Living-Lab Projects

ISi emphasizes the roles of the 4Ps (People-Public-Private-Collaboration) in the Smart City Living Lab model and serves as an intermediary platform among them. Through this process, ISI aims to establish a regional circular structure based on the 4Ps, contributing to the activation of the innovation ecosystem.

ISi Living-Lab



Bridging Tech & Human

Connecting innovation technology with people to make innovation technology a part of everyday life

Bridging Citizen & Policy

Connecting Citizens with Policies to explore policies and utilization strategies based on citizen’ experiences to sympathize with

Bridging Reality&Expectations

Connecting citizens' ideal vision of the city with the current urban situations

to identify urban challenges and seek solutions

Bridging Now & Future

Creating an environment that allows for the implementation of

innovative technologies by connecting the present and future of the city

Bridging Physical & Digital

Bridging the physical and digital realms to eliminate constraints of time and space, enabling comprehensive aggregation of everyone’s opinions

ISi Living-Lab Project Implementation

Last–Mile Delivery Living-Lab

Addressing logistics challenges in the Incheon Economic Free Zone(IFEZ), characterized by numerous high-rise buildings, through the utilization of robotics

#Simulated-Environments # PaaS #Robotics

Smart Mobility Living-Lab

Utilizing data-driven Mobility on Demand(MoD) with DRT Service and and Integrated MaaS Plaform to address regional traffic issues in future multi-modal mobility infra

#Connectivity   #App-Solutions   #IoT

Innovation Ecosystem Exploration Living-Lab

Discovering urban issues and seek solutions through data analysis from public entities and local businesses with citizens

#Challenges   #Data-Analytics   #Data-Integration

Village Platform Living-Lab

Citizens and experts collaborate to design a standard living lab platform model by discussing ways to build and enhance the functionalities of the digital "Village Platform’s" web services

#City Platforms   #Implementation

Daegu Citizen-Engagement Community Living-Lab

Identifying urban issues in the fields of transportation/safety, energy/environment, and public/welfare, then extracted service ideas while conducting practical demonstrations

#Challenges   #Data-Analytics   #IoT

Sambang Water Living-Lab

Community map on the platform was used to gather citizen’ opinions and data, and to collect issues for effective and smart local water resource management

#Data-Integration   #PaaS  #Metaverse

EDC(Eco-Delta city) Living-Lab

EDC is situated in Busan as a national pilot future city, generating tech demonstration data in the smart village and providing feedback from citizen for citizen-friendly progress

#Data-Integration   #Smart-Environments #Simulated-Environments

Haeundae Global Smart City Testbed Living-Lab

Reflecting citizens’ needs in the development of a smart city through community operations and management for discovering citizen-centered services and enhancing them

#Challenges   #Data-Analytics  #Implementation

Living-Lab KPI

Living-Lab KPI

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