Project Description

As part of the 2023 IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone) Smart City Citizen Engagement Living Lab initiative, we are conducting an Innovation Ecosystem Exploration Living Lab. The goal is to identify and address local challenges based on citizen demand and participation, while also uncovering smart city challenges that leverage innovative ICT technologies to propose solutions for IFEZ urban problems.

In particular, we are collaborating with citizens to integrate & analyze public data, gaining insights into their everyday realities. By bridging the gap between citizens’ ideal vision of the city with the current urban situation, we aim to identify various smart city problem-solving initiatives (RFPs) for IFEZ across a range of smart city domains.



Citizen Participation


Sustainable Urban Growth through Ecosystem Exploration Living-Labs

'Living Lab' aiming for sustainable urban growth in IFEZ, supporting urban issue identification and the validation of technology companies' services."

Defining urban problems through Season 1 and support the validation of innovative technologies through Season 2, uncovering practical urban innovation challenges and fostering an innovation ecosystem for sustainable growth.

Living-Lab Activities and Outputs

Public data integration & analysis

Analyzing urban issues using various
public data and combining citizen input
to discover practical needs

Discovering and specifying urban

problems through Design Thinking

Utilizing the city’s values, systematically

concretizing citizen input through Design Thinking

Outlining the city’s future direction

based on citizen requirements

Identifying and proposing the city's future direction based on citizen experiences and problem discovery