Global Smart City

Building open IoT-platform & Testing Smart City Services.

Constructing global smart city test-bed in Haeundae, Busan.
Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (2015.05.01 – 2016.12.31)

IT Governance

Researching on Internet governance in IoT era. Studying definition of structure and roles of the global Internet governance.

Office of Research Affair in Yonsei University Research (2014.12.01 – 2017.11.30)

Urban Regeneration

Researching for development of method to enhance living welfare with U-city services. An empirical research of urban regeneration for improving environmental quality of city residence

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2014.07 – 2016.03)

Ubiquitous City Technology

Developing core foundation technology for enhancing U-city. Developing diagnostic system and evaluation model of U-Infra, services, vitalization in district unit. Planning U-city model and future strategy.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2013.12.16 – 2018.10.31)

U-city Planning in Busan

Development of vision, goals, strategy and local U-services in Busan Metropolitan city.

Civic Engagement U-Space

Citizen-friendly U-Space and service advancement. Development of civic engaging U-service.

Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

U-city UML, ERD

Development of technology implementation on U-city infrastructure

U-city Planning in Seoul

Developing core foundation technique research for enhancing U-city

U-city TRM, PRM

Developing technology roadmap(TRM) and performance reference model(PRM) for ubiquitous city

Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs