Professor Lee Jung-hoon's latest course: 2017-2020 (scheduled)

Including classes in technical areas such as IoT, big data &AI, and Business Dominians such as service model excavation and entrepreneurship


ㆍI·Data analysis using IoT sensor data

ㆍ IoT Analystics&AI

ㆍ Technical Management Introduction


·Introduction AWS service platform

·Raspberry Pi, Prototyping with Arduino

·Exploring IoT-centric business models

ㆍ Internet of Things (IoT) Service Platform Fundamentals and Applications

ㆍ IoT Service Model Analysis and Planning

ㆍ Internet of Things Fundamentals II

ㆍ IT Entrepreneurship and IoT Innovation


Businesses such as process innovation and management and entrepreneurship

· Basic IoT classes are conducted along with access from a perspective

ㆍ Process innovation and management

ㆍ Internet of Things Fundamentals

ㆍ IT Planning and Management

ㆍ ICT Technology and Management

ㆍ IoT Entrepreneurship and IoT Innovation