Welcome to the Graduate School of Information Systems Intelligence (ISi)

Information System Intelligence Lab (ISi Lab) of the Graduate School of Information, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea was founded in 2004 and has been carrying out research in various fields with the aim of fostering the next generation of ICT innovation. Led by Dr. Jung Hoon LEE, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, the lab focuses on smart city, especially the IT-based service design and implementation along with urban planning and development. Since 2007 the lab has been involved in various leading R&D projects sponsored by the South Korean government, including developing a national strategy and vision for smart city, analyzing and designing smart city services and implementation with the LG CNS, and developing Performance Management Systems for smart city operations. The lab also carried out the development of 5-year smart city master plan for both Seoul Metropolitan City and Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea’s two largest metropolises. In recent years, the lab has been involved in several smart city R&D projects such as Urban Regeneration (2014-2017), Smart City R&D Project Phase Ⅱ (2014-2018), Open IoT Platform-based Smart City Test-bed Development Project (2015-2017) with South Korea’s largest mobile carrier and Busan Metropolitan City. The lab has contributed towards several consulting and advisory services for ministries, government agencies and private sectors including CISCO, GSMA, SKT, LG CNS and UN ESCAP.

Professor    John Jung-hoon Lee Ph.D